The goal of the non-mission facilities for the sub-area of EMR installation is to create an environment that supports, enhances and preserves resources for the operation of the mission.  To this end, all of the physical facilities outlined in the project program and space needs analysis must create an atmosphere that creates a high quality living and social experience for staff and employees, while also being respectful of the environment, the site and the local vernacular. The concepts of minimal building footprints, sharing of systems, a “village” atmosphere, minimal landscape/tree removal and a compact building arrangement are all hallmarks of the land use concepts proposed. Where possible, we have combined uses that have synergy in order to reduce overall building footprint sizes, eliminate numerous separate structures and will utilize appropriate solar/wind access through building location and site design.  This approach reduces construction cost, while allowing buildings to be grouped together in a pedestrian and socially interactive arrangement. The creation of a sustainable community that responds to the site and the local climate and environment through the aforementioned strategies will benefit the users, the local community and the mission of the EMR.