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Blair Remy was tasked to perform Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs), Roof Condition Assessments (RCAs) and Pavement Condition Assessments (PCAs) at multiple installations for USACE. The first step involved confirming that the Real Property Inventory (RPI) attributed for each building assessed is accurate. Through consultation with base personnel and DLA furnished documents, Blair Remy was able to verify accuracy, and report inconsistencies to the government.

Each facility identified on the Installation Inventory document contains three assessments completed: First, an FCA to assess, analyze, and summarize the condition of each building and its respective systems. FCA field assessment data is logged into BUILDER RED (BRED) and then uploaded into the BUILDER database. Second, an RCA is also performed to assess the roofing assemblies and material conditions. That information is logged into the ROOFER database. And third, a PCA assessment is completed to identify pavement material conditions, with information logged into the PAVER database.