The KC-46A Standard Prototype Design provides a document that assists in the proper and consistent design of Hangars on Air Force Bases nationwide. The facilities meet the criteria and scope outlined in the documents specified in the Air Force Master Plan. Each facility will be required to support the architectural theme of each selected Base, consistent with the Architectural Compatibility Plan (ACP). The design guide is based on one squadron.

The KC-46A facilities consist of three modern high bay hangars (Maintenance, Fuel Cell and Corrosion Control) with supporting space for personnel. The new large size aircraft hangar will be designed to house one KC-46A. The hangar structure shall be a clear spanning superstructure to allow the most flexibility in design and function of the facility. Approximately 100 feet tall, the facility will have a vertical lift fabric door system allowing the main door to have one higher section to accommodate the tail of the KC-46A. The KC-46A plan requires 15-foot clearances on all sides and a minimum 10-foot clearance above the vertical stablizer. Bridge cranes will be located to allow full coverage of the aircraft.

The administration support areas will contain a variety of open office cubicles and offices. Certain occupied spaces will be permitted to be designed for a second-story for the General Maintenance Hangar and for the Fuel Cell and Corrosion Hangars. A variation of single and two-story may be required depending on site specific criteria.