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The Blair Remy Team performed a site visit and study of the various facilities available for consideration, taking into consideration building orientation, conditions of structural systems, roofs and electrical capabilities, shading patterns from both buildings and trees, and parking lot use and availability.

The Blair Remy Team made recommendations and accomplished design solutions; thus, providing analysis and documents that included architecture, electrical, and structural design, along with cost estimating for the PV systems in multiple CONUS geographical locations.

In most cases the Blair Remy Team designed the PV systems to be constructed on the existing roofs of the Marine Reserve Centers, Boat Maintenance Facilities, Vehicle Maintenance Facilities, covered parking structures, and occasionally on the real estate adjacent to the facilities to accomplish the kW requirements. The majority of the roofs on these facilities are low-sloped (flat), with a higher elevation sloped roof in the Gym/Deck area of the buildings. Most of the roofs were not in good condition, showing evidence of ponding and leaking. After thorough investigation, the Team recommended roof replacement before the installation of a new PV system in some circumstances.

The existing power systems were modified to include new PV combiner circuit breaker panels, step-up transformers, main distribution circuit breaker panels, PV modules, micro inverters, racking, and in some cases new 480-208Y/120v transformers. The main tie in for the PV systems were on the line side of the Main Disconnect for the building.