Blair Remy Architects performed design services for the addition and renovation of Building 193 - 16,000 SF two-story addition for the KC-46A Squadron Operations & AMU (Aircraft Maintenance Unit) Facility and 14,000 SF 2nd floor Squad Ops renovation. AMU: a new primary entrance and lobby with elevator and stairwell. The 1st floor: CTK (Consolidated Tool Crib) Room, Mobility Storage, Locker Room/Toilets, offices, storage, mechanical, electrical and SIPR. The 2nd floor: Centrally located Lead Tech Room, Break Room, four open offices, two debriefing rooms, Cypher locks, conference room and toilets. The Squad Ops renovation includes a Commander’s Suite with private office, open offices and a small conference room. A Boom Pod and three Briefing rooms, a central pod with DOO (Operations Director) area with SARMS (Secure Arms) room, testing room, additional offices and toilets were also included.