To support the academic growth of students by enriching the university community through programs and services, Oklahoma Memorial Union opened its doors on November 22, 1928. By the late 1990's a major renovation with additions was the order of the day. Steve Blair and Quentin Remy met with President David Boren and his staff on several occasions to accomplish the design for the renovation which included gutting and redesigning the Event Center Ballroom (now referred to as the Molly Shi Boren Ballroom), Beaird Lounge, Meacham Auditorium, and other guests areas along with renovating the offices, hallways, and turning an existing area into a food court. Further design was required of Blair & Remy for a three story addition, a new dining hall (Anderson Hall), and the creation of a plaza of Wapanucka limestone. The plaza provides an outdoor link between the Memorial Union and its two new additions. The additions, the Conoco Leadership Center and Anderson Hall, were designed in context to be compatible with the "Prairie Gothic" style of the renovated Oklahoma Memorial Union building.