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The purpose of these task orders is for the A/E Team to inspect and evaluate the roof conditions and provide field inspection reports so that the customer can create a database in the software program, Roofer. The database assists the customer, in this case USACE, in determining priorities for funding allocation for which roofs need to be replaced and in what order.

With safety being a priority, our crew of inspectors go through safety training on fall protection--utilizing the safety harness features, finding proper anchor points and evaluating rope angles.

Our team evaluates the roofs, determining roofing material, insulation type, roof deck material, and structural conditions of the building, ad the condition of exterior walls. The crew talks to occupants about leaking and examines the interior ceiling and wall conditions as well.

The roofs represent a wide variety of roof types and materials including asphalt shingle, standing seam metal, modified bitumen, aggregate, TPO, PVC, EDPM, and Spanish clay tile. The team documents the state of all penetrations, flashings, drainage systems (i.e. gutters, internal drains, and scuppers), noting all defects and the severity suc as missing shingles, blisters, holes, ponding, surface deterioration, improperly installed equipment, failing equipment supports, debris buildup and leaking penetrations.

Field Inspection Reports include satellite images, sketched locations of defects, notes of all observations, and measurements including roof area, roof pitch, linear feet of roof features including parapet walls, expansion joints, ridges, dips and valleys.