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Centrally located on Sentry Road, Building 282 is a two-story facility that was originally constructed in 1976. The main goal of the Title II inspections is to coordinate the design intent in the construction of a facility that reflects today’s quality working environment and arranges spaces to promote excellence, increase productivity, and security, while impressing both military and civilian tenants. The interior design for this facility will create an environment that enhances the facility’s image and promotes employee morale and well-being. Finishes and materials are inspected to make certain that they reflect a technical and forward thinking environment.

The floor-to-floor height is 12’-6” for the first and second floors. Building 282 is an able body facility with four stair towers, two men’s and two women’s restrooms per floor that are being constructed to be ADA / ABA compliant. The building is currently without an elevator to serve the second floor; so, that feature is being constructed.

The intent of this project is to provide a fully functional space that meets the intent of the Air Force’s 552nd Air Control Wing.