USCENTCOM’s Area of Responsibility (AOR) consists of countries located between the European and Pacific Commands, including, but not limited to, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. The Central Command’s mission is to “promote cooperation among nations, respond to crises, deter or defeat state and non-state aggression, and, when necessary, reconstruction in order to establish the conditions for regional security, stability and prosperity.” The Command is also equipped to offer disaster relief throughout their AOR.

Addressing hundreds of cars that are parking illegally or in remote parking lots up to a mile away, the multi-story 1,500-vehicle parking garage will be located in direct proximity of the USCENTCOM compound with Zemke Avenue separating the garage from the compound. The garage will include elevators, stairs, escalators, utility rooms, overhead lighting, and fire protection systems in the parking structure. The garage will also provide an enclosed circulation path with a bridge that will cross Zemke Avenue to provide a safe path of travel and avoid traffic congestion caused by pedestrian crosswalks.