The facilities comprise two administrative buildings, a warehouse, a maintenance shop and two storage sheds. The District’s facilities have inadequate personnel space, parking, and storage. The A/E conducted personnel interviews and surveys at the Reservation to program list of options to satisfy USACE Buffalo District’s future space needs. Two studies, shown herein, were performed by the architects for USACE to assist in their determination of which they preferred. The list of alternatives considered were: remodel facilities; construct additions to existing buildings; construct new buildings on the present site; and, the relocate all or a portion of the staff to existing or newly constructed off-site leased space. Following selection of the “best value” alternative, a detailed analysis was developed in report format.

The project is to be accomplished in phases: Demolish Bldg. 6; Renovate Bldg. 3 for Temporary Use; Demolish Bldgs 5 & 7; Construct new Bldg. 7&8 including sitework; Demolish and renovate portions of Bldg 1; Renovate Bldg. 4; Renovate Bldg. 2; Demolish Bldg. 3