Preparation of a Design-Bid-Build (DBB) package for the repair of an existing three-story building built in 1966, with an un-reinforced loadbearing masonry wall and 43,359 SF of enclosed space. The facility will house the Cyber Center of Excellence (Cyber-COE) Directorates and Staff (QAO, CDID, DOT). The Cyber-COE supports the preparation of doctrine and training support publications as well as a unified training and modernization efforts for cyberspace operations, electronic warfare, cyber electromagnetic activity, and cyber-related signals intelligence.

The design includes changes to the floor plan to meet user requirements. Other components include the construction of a 4:12 sloped roof built over an existing low-sloped roof complying w/ IDG; elevator upgrades; the repair of all three floors; replacement of the HVAC system; replacement of lighting, telecom, fire alarm and mass notification systems; repair plumbing to meet current codes and standards; replacement of electrical distribution panels, wiring, conduits and devices; replacement of existing plumbing and restroom facilities; and the repair of exterior walls, replacement of doors and windows, all to conform to current AT/FP, life safety and IBC standards. Interior space design includes support CYBER and Signal School Commandants. In addition, addressing sustainability and energy conservation issues, the design provides pulse meters to monitor utility usage through UMCS. A/E design includes lead, mold and asbestos identification for removal. A fire suppression system will be included on each floor, and new Building Information Systems infrastructure will be provided.

Additional work includes minor site work demolition, grading adjustment to accommodate sidewalks, ABA ramps, minor adjustments to and extensions up to 5 feet of building footprint or existing utilities, and connectivity to existing sidewalks.