Blair Remy (BR) provided Project Definition services which consisted of a three-day intensive meeting at Scott AFB, IL to develop concept site plans, floor plans, building elevations, and concept perspective sketches. This workshop was followed by three weeks of iterations to hone the concepts and get over-the-shoulder reviews. Once design began BR provided architectural “base sheet drawings” for site plan, building plan, building elevations, roof plan, and building sections.

The ATCT consists of 10 stories, an intermediate catwalk level, and the Tower Cab. The facility provide adequate space for air traffic control operations, personnel training, crew briefings, electronic equipment maintenance, radio and telephone support equipment, environmental control equipment, and controller administrative functions. The project also provides all necessary supporting facilities, including connections to existing utility systems, backup power, new vehicular circulation, and site preparation and improvements.

The mechanical system includes a central chilled water system with electric heating. Two packaged, air-cooled screw chillers, utilizing a non-ozone depleting substance, were provided to general chilled water to satisfy the building cooling requirement. A Direct Digital Control (DDC) system was provided that communicated with the Energy Management and Control System (EMCS) through a LAN or fiber optic communications link. The EMCS system was modified to monitor and control selected DDC points. Electrical systems included power, lighting, communications, CCTV, fire alarms, data acquisition, and an intrusion detection system.

Relevant A/E Services: Civil Site Design; Repair and Renovation; etc